Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How To Bridge Down The Gap And Learn Language Of Your Interest?

For some it is an obvious necessity to learn and practice a language other than their national language; that can certainly be said for many professionals and students, who must know English in order to function in a global economy and globalized world that is made possible with the use a universal language.

For any other language, however, or for even full coverage of that universal language, know that now there are such advancements in technology that even allow you to convert any given language into one you  understand.

Sakhr reaches and exceeds expectations by keeping the simple but unusual rules of translation intact,  as thought use of an application that is devised  so that it can accept a human voice as a language recognition point and then can provide output also in form of a human voice in the language of your choice.

Consider this: You understand English but the person you are communicating with does not. So, you are given an option to convert English to the language that he comprehends, be ittArabic, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

In addition, Sakhr's language application expands the benefits for you since it can be used even on your handheld device, such as iPhone or iPad. For such advantages and more, explore Sakhr's online presence and choose the resources that fit you best.

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